Crittenton’s InSight Program for Trafficked Youth

Crittenton’s national mission has a long historical commitment of helping trafficked women and girls break the cycle of continued exploitation. We are a part of a bigger family of agencies throughout the United States whose social services origins start on the streets of New York in 1883. Our founder, Charles Crittenton, was so moved by the plight of “wayward” women, many of them just young girls, that he founded the first Florence Crittenton Night Mission to rescue and restore these victims and to interrupt the cycle of poverty that often saw daughter follow mother to the streets.

Today, our trauma recovery and harm reduction treatment program known as Crittenton’s InSight Program, still serves commercially sexually exploited youth that have experienced a form of abuse and violence that is both unconscionable and unimaginable.

And as much as we’d all like a single, easy solution to this complex problem, there are no two trafficking victims whose stories – and needs – are identical. Their pathway to recovery will take many twists and turns, and requires a long-term commitment to working with them. For us the youth we serve are more than the sum of diagnoses, history, and labels. Our clients are all resilient and deserving of a bright future. They have hopes and dreams like the rest of us.

For many of our youth it won’t be easy staying out of the “life” and it’s a journey oftentimes interrupted by recidivism. But at Crittenton there is no judgment and there is always a welcome back towards a path geared for health and stability.

Who Are Our Clients

Youth 12-18 years of age

Have experienced multiple and repeated complex traumas

May also be abusing drugs and alcohol

May also be pregnant and parenting

May also have severe mental health or PTSD issues

AND all are victims of sexual violence, exploitation and human trafficking

Services Provided

We provide 24/7 residential treatment services

Seeking Safety therapy process (evidence-based practice)

Assessment, evaluation, and integrated treatment of trauma, substance use and/or co-occurring disorders

Intensive and individualized mental health treatment services

A medical services unit within our residential treatment center

A full-service daycare/parenting center and living arrangements for pregnant and parenting teen mothers

A trauma-informed continuing education setting and tutoring services

Aftercare services planning (as client transitions out of residential care)

Case management

Child and Family Team Meetings

Recreational and social outings

Workforce readiness and job training

Career and transitional housing specialists

Independent living skills programming

Contact Us

For questions about Crittenton’s InSight Program please connect with our intake department during regular business hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Crittenton’s Intake Office: 714-680-8220

Lic# 300612972, #306090007

Nonpublic Agency ID 9901975

*Please note that we primarily work with various governmental agencies throughout California responsible for the well-being of system-involved youth. However, we are open to working with other community organizations or school-based professionals that need assistance finding quality care for youth that meet medical necessity, including, eligible Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) residential clients and their families.


*We are a California Department of Education certified nonpublic agency as we meet the requirements and legal standards for such a certification. As an approved NPA we are authorized to accept students placed by local educational agencies (LEAs) under California Education Code, Section 56366

I am a beautiful young woman. I love my son as much as he loves me. I will always have God by my side. He didn’t let me die. Crittenton Services is a good place and I am proud to say that my therapist has helped me out a lot. I am now transitioning the right way and I am getting a job. I know I have someone to turn to if I ever have difficulties staying out of the life. I am God’s child and I was put on this earth to tell other people why.


Former Crittenton InSight Program Client

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