Crittenton’s Priority Issues

Partnership Against Trafficking

The recent press coverage highlighting the issue of human trafficking, locally, has spurred communities into action. But what we often hear about this issue is that figuring out the best solutions to solve this human rights tragedy is complex and difficult. Crittenton has been fortunate to work in neighborhoods with a passion and a spirit for partnership. And we continue to set out to find the best ways to engage those individuals ready to join us in the fight against modern-day slavery.

If you, like so many others, have found yourself motivated to get involved but aren’t sure where to start, we welcome you to join us in our “Partnership Against Trafficking Pledge Program”. It’s an easy way to make an impact that anyone—a business, church, individual or even Girl Scout troop can do. By signing our pledge, you stand with us in this ongoing fight against sexual exploitation. The pledge lists a number of ideas that you can commit to doing in a way that is comfortable and reasonable for you to take part in.

Activities range from social media campaigns, to hosting local training’s or just educating youth in your neighborhood about developing healthy relationships. Whatever you dedicate yourself to doing on behalf of children and youth who are bought and sold for sexual exploitation we thank you for your advocacy.  We are not powerless in this fight. Human trafficking can be stopped. But we need your help.

Kindness Pledge

In recent years public discourse and behavior in our schools, communities and on social media has become increasingly toxic, disrespectful and even hateful. Crittenton believes in promoting and advocating for inclusive environments where all children and youth, regardless of who they are or where they come from, can grow up in a safe and supportive manner.

Our mission is responsible for protecting some of the most vulnerable and misunderstood system-involved children and youth within the communities we serve. As a child advocacy organization we are honored to be a part of a young person’s life and be a source of empowerment when they are in need of mentorship and compassion the most. Severe unaddressed childhood trauma has taken a toll on the well-being and development of all the children and youth we care for. For this reason we will continue to build resiliency in an environment where judgment or discrimination are never normalized.

Recently, we’ve started a Crittenton Empowers campaign that encourages all staff, volunteers and supporters to take part in prevention efforts that curtail bullying, intolerance and hate within their workspace or communities. Crittenton is committed to creating a healthy environment for all, in particular our children and youth, and therefore we’ve chosen kindness over bullying; we’ve chosen respect over intolerance; and we’ve chosen compassion over hate.

Please join our awareness campaign by downloading and signingCrittenton’s Kindness Pledge! The pledge lists a number of ideas on how you can help prevent bullying or intolerance in your local neighborhood. It is not impossible to create healthier communities, but we will need everyone’s help to do so.