Crittenton’s Stepping Stones Program

We are proud to have Crittenton’s Stepping Stones Program for Transitional Age Youth as part of our mission’s overall programming effort. Crittenton Services for Children and Families has a long history of helping system-involved youth, in particular foster youth, transition out of residential care or foster care into an independent and sustainable adulthood. In fact, decades ago, our agency was one of the first in Orange County, CA to attempt to establish a program that helped foster youth age out of the system in a safe manner. At the time, our Dora Hill Transition Center was a well-regarded program that helped vulnerable young adults find housing, vocational education and job opportunities.

Today, we continue to innovate our transitional and independent living programming in order to make lasting change, and help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty among Southern California’s transitional age youth. We know the dire statistics and realities former foster youth face, all too well, and Crittenton wants to continue to positively respond to the challenges transitional age youth experience once aging out of the system.

The goal with our transitional living program efforts, throughout the decades, has been to help young people stay safe, healthy and self-sufficient. And our hope is that we will continue to help and advocate for young adults aging out of the system in a way that is beneficial to them and to the larger community as a whole.

Who Are Our Clients

Former foster youth with no family support systems from Los Angeles or Orange County ages 18-21 qualifying for THPP-NMD programming.

Former foster youth with no family support systems from Los Angeles or Orange County ages 21-24 qualifying for THP-Plus programming.

We also work with pregnant/parenting young mothers, young fathers and former crossover youth that were system-involved (foster care and/or juvenile justice)

Have experienced complex traumas

Are committed in breaking the cycle of continued system-involvement

Are committed in getting the help they need to live healthy and productive lives

AND are committed in keeping themselves employed or enrolled in a trade program, community college or 4-year university while using our services

Services Provided

Housing specialists available to assist clients find stable housing

Access to Crittenton’s outpatient mental health services

In-home crisis interventions and counseling

Parenting skills counseling

Life skills training

Case management

Education and workforce readiness

Linkages to additional social services and other support services within the community

Easy access to Crittenton staff for additional support and guidance

Contact Us

For questions about Crittenton’s Stepping Stones Program please connect with us.

Crittenton’s Contact Email:

*Our Transitional Housing Placement for Non-Minor Dependents Program (THPP-NMD) is designed to assist former foster youth ages 18-21.


*Our Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus) is designed to assist former foster youth ages 21-24.


*Please note that we primarily work with governmental agencies from Los Angeles and Orange County responsible for the well-being of transitional age youth in need of  THPP-NMD and THP-Plus programming. However, we are open to working with other organizations that also need assistance in providing quality transitional youth services to their clients that are primarily based in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas.

Crittenton helps you in the immediate and helps you sustain a good and positive future. Whether it’s going to school, whether it’s finding an apartment, whether its financial support Crittenton has been there for me when they say they are going to be. Most importantly they’ve provided encouragement and an emotional support system when I needed it the most. And I’m grateful because so many other former foster youth don’t have that help.


Former Stepping Stones Client

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