Your generous contribution to Crittenton Services for Children and Families will greatly benefit the families and children in our care. We appreciate your generosity and support of a mission that is committed to healing the wounds of abuse, trauma and neglect. Know that your donations make a difference in our continued effort to break the cycles of system-involvement.

You can donate online through our website, by check, or by phone:

Make Checks Payable To:

Crittenton Services for Children and Families

P.O. Box 9

Fullerton, CA 92836-0009

Make a Donation by Phone:


*Federal Tax Identification Number is 95-2492427

Donate Items

Should you or your organization be interested in donating in-kind items we welcome your partnership. Here is a partial listing of the in-kind donations that are needed throughout the year:

Birthday Parties and Special Occasions: Oftentimes our youth have not had the opportunity to celebrate a birthday or special event celebration. With your help we can give the gift of acknowledging a young person’s life and the accomplishments they have achieved thus far. If you are interested in sponsoring birthday cakes or party decorations please know we welcome these types of donations.

Baby Showers: Our Parent and Child Education Program is always in need of baby gifts to help expecting teen mothers in their new role as parent. Diaper bags filled with diapers, baby clothes, baby hygiene products, and bottles are always welcomed.

Welcome Basket Project: Welcome baskets are given to all of our youth as they start their treatment journey in our residential services program. They often feel frightened, worried or sad. These welcome baskets, filled with hygiene products, pajamas and bed linings, show our youth that we are here to help.

Recreation Needs Project: When the youth using our residential services program need downtime we encourage them to read, play sports, watch films, or participate in arts and crafts workshops. We are always in need and welcome sponsorship or donations of books, sports equipment, age appropriate DVD’s, crafting and art supplies.

Hope Chest Program: Many of our clients in the Family Preservation Program, Wraparound Program, and in our Transitional Age Youth Program oftentimes face life on their own without help from friends or family. The Hope Chest Program is an opportunity for you to help our clients start a new chapter in their life by helping them obtain basic living necessities such as cleaning supplies, utensils, bathroom and bedroom items, or laundry products.

*We kindly request that all in-kind donations be new and unused.

*We are unable to provide pickup service for your donations. Please call our office to find out where and when your donation can be received, and how you can obtain your donation receipt if one is needed.

Other Ways to Donate

Shopping Rewards: Turn everyday shopping into an easy donation – at no cost to you! Use our link through Amazon Smile. When you shop Amazon gives back to Crittenton.

Shopping for a Cause: Shop our Amazon “Wish Lists” for specific donation items Crittenton programs currently need! Use our link .

Fundraiser Events: Host a special event such as a social mixer or dinner fundraiser where a percentage of the proceeds go to Crittenton programs. For more fundraiser suggestions give our office a call.

Donation Drives: Start a donation drive on behalf of our mission such as collecting gas cards or gift cards from big box stores (Target, Walmart, Kohl’s or Grocery Stores) in any amount. For more donation drive suggestions give our office a call.

Donate Stock: Transfer stock to Crittenton and take advantage of reducing your taxes.

Make a Tribute: Give in honor or memory of someone

Additional Information

Contact Us

For further questions about our donation needs please connect with our Community Engagement Office.

Office Phone: 714-680-9022

I really enjoy working with and helping Crittenton. They are a wonderful group who works hard to support children and families who come from very challenging backgrounds. It is always a joy to see the positive impact they have in so many lives.

Andrew Carroll

Crittenton Volunteer and Donor

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