Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Academy

Providing a trauma-informed educational setting to young people who have experienced years of interrupted educational milestones is a vital service gap Crittenton Services for Children and Families plans to provide when working with youth in the care of our residential treatment center.

Our educational program known as the Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Academy is named after the National Crittenton Mission co-founder. Dr. Barrett was a prolific advocate of women and children living at the margins, and was an accomplished woman in her own right during a time in America’s history when women had limited education and leadership opportunities.

We know that system-involved youth are more likely to experience higher dropout rates, harsher school discipline measures, and lower achievement scores due to their trauma histories. But at Crittenton we know that we can disrupt these statistics if we create a school environment that is trauma responsive to the needs of youth with a behavioral or mental health diagnosis.

Crittenton is proud to call La Vista & La Sierra High School of the Fullerton Union High School District our educational partners. School district teachers, academic tutors and behavioral health specialists are all trained and committed to working with system-involved youth in need of a specialized educational environment. Our joint goal is to help our youth quickly recapture high school graduation credits in order to change their academic trajectory from dropout to high school graduate.

In addition, we partner with a local community arts center for enrichment programs known as the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, CA.

A quality education is the key to future success. Therefore, we believe that all children, despite their circumstances, deserve access to a quality education and gain valuable job training while in our care. Crittenton plans to continue to foster an environment that helps our youth regain their academic confidence while addressing their mental health, emotional and developmental needs.

Who Are Our Clients

System-involved youth 12-18 years of age

Have experienced multiple and repeated complex traumas

Have serious emotional and behavioral issues

May also be abusing drugs and alcohol

May also be pregnant and parenting

May also be human trafficking victims

Supplementary Educational Services

Crittenton’s S.E.R.V.E Program (after-school program)

Therapeutic behavior services in the school setting

Educational records case management and academic counseling

Tutoring services in both the school and residential treatment center (Title 1 Tutors)

Career and college transition specialists

Independent living skills and job training

Contact Us

For questions about the Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Academy connect with our intake department during regular business hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Crittenton’s Intake Office: 714-680-8220

Lic# 300612972, #306090007

Nonpublic Agency ID 9901975

*Please note that we primarily work with various governmental agencies throughout California responsible for the well-being of system-involved youth. However, we are open to working with other community organizations or school-based professionals that need assistance finding quality care for youth that meet medical necessity, including, eligible Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) residential clients and their families.


*We are a California Department of Education certified nonpublic agency as we meet the requirements and legal standards for such a certification. As an approved NPA we are authorized to accept students placed by local educational agencies (LEAs) under California Education Code, Section 56366

Crittenton was the best place I had been. I obtained my high school diploma, got certificates through the ROP and job training program, and was even student of the year! So much support, memories and lots of pictures.


Former Residential Treatment Center Client

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