Crittenton Services for Children and Families is a leading mental health and child advocacy organization helping clients throughout a five-county region in Southern California. Our main goal is to help heal the wounds of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect while doing everything in our power to disrupt the cycle of generational system-involvement. We approach our comprehensive treatment model through evidence-based, trauma responsive, and culturally appropriate programs that include an array of services in the areas of mental health, residential care, and family-based services.

Subject Matter Expert Requests

Crittenton’s Communications Office is happy to assist representatives of the media interested in our organizational mission. We can help you obtain information regarding our agency’s programming efforts, advocacy initiatives, and special events. We also assist with background material and facilitate interview requests with Crittenton subject matter experts should expert feedback be needed. For those interested in human services, children’s mental health, and other related social services story needs we can assist in securing Crittenton staff knowledgeable of the following:

Child welfare, juvenile justice, foster care, and children’s mental health

Human trafficking recovery and treatment (special focus in treating youth)

Human services, outpatient mental health and social work programming

Substance use treatment (special focus in treating youth)

Continuum of Care Reform in California (focus on residential treatment, children’s mental health, and community-based mental health services delivery)

General Crittenton Services mission and programming questions

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