Residential Treatment Services

Some of the most vulnerable children and youth are the ones involved in the foster care and juvenile justice system. Therefore, as we remain committed to helping system-involved youth, it is imperative to our mission that we continue to deliver trauma-informed, strength-based, culturally appropriate and SOGIE responsive services that adhere to the ideals of positive youth development.

Crittenton’s Residential Treatment Center is just one component of a broad array of programming for youth in need of our advocacy and support. Our priority is to provide an environment where our youth can regain resiliency, stability, family reunification, or assist them with a safety and transition plan into an independent living setting as they transition out of our system of care.

We are also known for our specialty residential services programming for youth that may require additional or specialized support services due to their trauma histories and developmental needs. All of our residential treatment services are available to all of our youth on an as needed basis. These services include: a substance use disorders program, a trauma responsive educational academy (Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Academy), a commercially sexually exploited children treatment program (Crittenton’s Insight Program), and the program that started our mission in Orange County, CA., our teen mom and baby program (Crittenton’s Parent and Child Education Program).

Who Are Our Clients

Youth ages 12-18 years

Have experienced multiple and repeated complex traumas

Have serious emotional and behavioral issues

May also be abusing drugs and alcohol

May also be pregnant and parenting

May also be human trafficking victims

Services Provided

We provide 24/7 residential treatment services

Seeking Safety therapy process (evidence-based practice)

Assessment, evaluation and integrated treatment of trauma, substance use and/or co-occurring disorders

Intensive and individualized mental health treatment services

A medical services unit within our residential treatment center

A full-service daycare/parenting center and living arrangements for pregnant and parenting teen mothers

A trauma-informed continuing education setting and tutoring services

Aftercare services planning (as client transitions out of residential care)

Case management

Child and Family Team Meetings

Recreational and social outings

Workforce readiness and job training

Career and transitional housing specialists

Independent living skills programming

Contact Us

For questions about Crittenton’s Residential Treatment Center please connect with our intake department during regular business hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Crittenton’s Intake Office: 714-680-8220

Crittenton’s Contact Email:

Lic# 300612972, #306090007

Nonpublic Agency ID 9901975

*Please note that we primarily work with various governmental agencies throughout California responsible for the well-being of system-involved youth. However, we are open to working with other community organizations or school-based professionals that need assistance finding quality care for youth that meet medical necessity, including, eligible Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) residential clients and their families.

*We are a California Department of Education certified nonpublic agency as we meet the requirements and legal standards for such a certification. As an approved NPA we are authorized to accept students placed by local educational agencies (LEAs) under California Education Code, Section 56366.

As a little girl I was in and out of foster homes and group homes. I was 15 when I was dropped off at Crittenton. I was scared and alone. But I didn’t feel like that for long. I was welcomed by my therapist who I got to talk to once a week and I was in a lot of activities like a sewing class. I felt loved and I felt like people cared about me. And all the staff that worked with me made me feel like family which I never knew the feeling before. I’m now 31 and I’m a loving mom of 3 boys, a wife, and a good citizen of my community. I graduated high school and I went to college and earned a degree. There is more to my story, but just wanted to share that I grew up okay and I’m not a statistic!


Former Residential Treatment Center Client

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