School and Community Linked Mental Health Services

The first step to keeping family well-being at the forefront is to support measures that keep families together in the first place. As children and youth enter or re-enter the “system” our goal is to help families, whether birth, foster or adoptive learn to cope with the stressors of family turmoil, trauma, mental health or behavioral health issues.

Crittenton’s Wraparound Services is known for its strength-based and team approach in order to help meet the identified and underlying needs of the children and families we serve. Our mission works to strengthen the relationship between family members and their community by creating plans that include both formal and informal supports to best facilitate health and well-being. We are also committed to building resiliency in order to empower every family member reach their own sense of advocacy as they navigate through their everyday life, their school environments or places of employment.

When you partner with Crittenton Services for Children and Families rest assured that our services are individualized for every child and their respective family in order to emphasize personal growth milestones. Additionally, we offer intensive outpatient mental health and in-home based services to best fit the needs of not just our assigned client, but rather, the needs of the entire family. Our team of highly qualified therapists, child and family specialists, parent partners, and facilitators can provide in-home therapy, counseling, and emotional support services, as well as, help clients access community-based services that will help maintain a positive quality of life.

Crittenton has offices in the following locations:

Rancho Dominguez/South Los Angeles

Long Beach



Who Are Our Clients

Primarily children and youth (0-18 years of age)

We also work with caregivers & the families of our assigned clients

Child and Family Team Meetings

Have experienced complex traumas

May have serious emotional and behavioral issues

May also be abusing drugs and alcohol

May also have mental health issues

Services Provided

24/7 crisis intervention units

Case management

Family, group and individual therapy treatment options

Assessment, evaluation, and integrated treatment of trauma and/or co-occurring disorders

Linkages to additional support services within our agency and the local community

Intensive in-home and outpatient mental health services

Recovery, Resilience and Reintegration Services (RRR) for clients in need of additional and/or in-home mental health services after graduation from Wraparound Services.

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is available in our Rancho Dominguez office for parents of young children in need of additional supports and parenting skills training conducted by a therapist. (Toddlers 2-5 yrs.)

Contact Us

For questions about Crittenton’s Wraparound Services please connect with us.

Crittenton’s Contact Email:

*Please note that we primarily work with various governmental agencies, the courts and local school districts in the Los Angeles County area. However, we are open to working with other organizations that also need assistance in providing quality wraparound services to their clients.

Crittenton is family to me. This is a family that makes sure that my kids and I get what is needed. It is the best way I can describe it, and Crittenton goes above and beyond. They have truly wrapped around my entire family, they cater to my needs, and they mean it when they say, ‘call us’, if you need support and we will be there. My team and I work together.

Earcylene Beavers

Former Wraparound Services Client

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