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Crittenton Services for Children and Families is a child advocacy and mental health organization committed to believing in the potential of every child, youth, and family we serve. Since 1966, Crittenton’s mission has been one of providing solutions that help empower, build resiliency and heal the wounds of childhood trauma. And we will continue to prioritize interventions to best serve those that have experienced the cycles of abuse, neglect and system-involvement.

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If you're finding yourself struggling to get work done or complete daily tasks, take a step back and try this breathing technique! #mentalhealthawarenessmonth

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This exercise is called box breathing. Box breathing is helpful during extreme stress, and has been shown to calm and regulate the autonomic nervous system. Slowing down the breath allows CO2 to build up in your blood, which stimulates the response of the vagus nerve, producing a feeling of calmness throughout the body. Next time you’re feeling stressed, try this: ⁠
💖 Inhale for 4.⁠
❤️ Hold for 4.⁠
🧡 Exhale for 4. ⁠
💛 Hold for 4. ⁠
Repeat. ☝

We're often told to check in with friends and families but do we check in with ourselves and assess how we're feeling? Start your mental health check by finding some place quiet and asking yourself:

⭐How have my behaviors or feelings changed?
⭐Do I still find joy in the things that once brought me joy?
⭐Am I avoiding people?
⭐How am I sleeping, eating?
⭐Am I really down more than I usually am?

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Help heal the wounds of abuse and neglect; to strengthen families, whether birth, foster or adoptive; and to help troubled adolescents reach their full potential.